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Whelton Hiutin’s lawyers frequently appear before private arbitration panels

Arbitration, which is essentially a private court process, is increasingly prevalent, especially in commercial disputes.  Arbitration can provide numerous advantages to litigants including speed, expertise, privacy and more limited appeal rights; but it is not necessarily the ‘silver bullet’ solution to the problems inherent in the court system.  Our lawyers can advise you on whether arbitration is appropriate for your situation, negotiate an appropriate arbitration process, and successfully prosecute or defend arbitration proceedings on your behalf.

A small sampling of Whelton Hiutin’s arbitration experience includes:

  • Recovering over $10 million in misappropriated art.
  • Representing a large logistics company in a shareholder dispute.
  • Successfully representing majority shareholders in an aerospace company when a minority shareholder alleged that her right of first refusal to purchase shares was not respected.
  • Representing majority shareholders and ultimately settling a contentious dispute over a large supplier in the Ontario construction industry.