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When a trial or hearing is not appropriate, Whelton Hiutin can guide you through the alternative mechanisms for resolving your dispute

Our lawyers recognize that not every file calls for a trial, either because the amounts at stake cannot justify the cost, or the risk outweighs the potential benefit.  In those cases Whelton Hiutin can negotiate a beneficial settlement on your behalf, or engage an independent third party to attempt to resolve the dispute through mediation.  We consider the benefits of settlement throughout the process and will recommend settlement discussions whenever we believe they are in the best interests of our clients.

Similarly, our lawyers frequently provide opinions on disputes before they become litigious, and will recommend against litigation if we do not believe it is in the client’s best interest.  We do our best to put ourselves in our client’s shoes in determining whether a lawsuit is warranted, and provide honest, objective advice: we will not sugarcoat a claim that is not worth pursuing.