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NOTICE: Henry P Lawson or the Estate of Henry P Lawson


TO: Henry P. Lawson or his Estate

RE: Property PIN 25042-1026 on Mill Street in the District of Georgetown in Halton Hills

TAKE NOTICE THAT Amico Properties Inc. (“Amico”) will make an Application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for an Order that all rights, title and interest in a portion of Property 0126 Property PIN 25042-1026 (“Property 0126”) be vested in A. Euteneier Limited, in fee simple.

TAKE NOTICE THAT Amico will make an Application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice at 45 Main Street East, Hamilton, ON L8N 2B7, via video conference, on April 4, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. solely for an order dispensing with service of the court application on the following parties:

  • Henry Lawson, born June 21, 1840;
  • The Estate of Henry Lawson, including any kin or descendants of Henry Lawson, including but not limited to:
    • Margaret Mabel Grant Lawson, born December 16, 1875;
    • Margaret Grant Lawson Early, born October 25, 1902;
    • Walter Grant “Bud” Lawson;
    • Mary Wright Lawson Hall, born June 10, 1904.

AND TAKE NOTICE THAT Henry P. Lawson or his Estate is required on or before April 3, 2024 to notify Richard Macklin, counsel for Amico, at 416-599-7900 or

The video conference details for the April 4, 2024 appearance will be made available at the Hamilton Superior Court of Justice website at this link, and can be found below:

Call: 1-855 703 8985

Meeting ID: 641 2454 7837

To view the Notice of Application, as amended (CV-23-000-82802-0000), please click here.

To view the proposed Order dispensing with service to be obtained from the Court on April 4, 2024, please click here.

To view the proposed Judgment to be obtained from the Court, please click here.

If no such notification is made, we shall proceed with the Application and any interest you may claim in the subject property may be thereby extinguished and you may not be entitled to receive any further notice with respect to the proceedings.

DATED AT Toronto, this 21st day of March, 2024.

Richard Macklin

Counsel for Amico