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Wei Jiang


Headshot of Wei Jiang


Wei Jiang practices in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, personal injury and medical malpractice. He articled with Whelton Hiutin LLP in 2018 and, following his call to the bar, returned to the firm as an associate.

Wei graduated with honours from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. Wei also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Arts from McMaster University.

Wei is interested in the intersection between law, technology, and contemporary culture. Wei has written in the past about the politics of Chinese internet culture and the legal implications of augmented reality.

Wei is a fluent speaker of Mandarin and can read and write Chinese.

  • 简体中文

    蒋蔚律师的执业领域为民商事诉讼、人身伤害、医疗事故等诉讼。他于 2018 年在Whelton Hiutin LLP实习,并在取得律师资格后继续在该公司担任律师。




  • 繁體中文

    蔣蔚律師的執業領域為民商事訴訟、人身傷害、醫療事故等訴訟。他於 2018 年在Whelton Hiutin LLP實習,並在取得律師資格後繼續在該公司擔任律師。




Recent Cases

  • Rose-Terra Investments Inc. v Butryn, 2023 ONSC 2332

    Appeared on behalf of the respondent for the appeal of summary judgment motion of a settlement enforcement lawsuit. Key issue was the impact of a defence advanced by one defendant that she was pressured to sign by duress of her co-defendant spouse on the plaintiff who was unaware of the duress.

  • VPC Inc. v. Transcity Logistics Inc. (and others), (Unreported: July 20, 2023) (Ont.S.C.J.)

    Whelton Hiutin LLP lawyers Richard Macklin, Wei Jiang, and articling students Arlene Campbell and Shae Lynn Chung were recently successful in setting aside Mareva and CPL orders obtained in a commercial dispute. The orders at issue were wide-reaching orders freezing bank accounts and preventing the sale of property. The Court found that the plaintiff VPC Group Inc. had failed to make fair disclosure when it initially obtained the orders without notice to the defendants. The Court noted “there has been far from full and fair material disclosure” and held that even if fair disclosure had been made, the orders would be lifted as VPC had failed to meet the requirements for obtaining such drastic orders. The parties agreed on costs, in favour of the Whelton Hiutin client, in the amount of $310,000.

  • Arista Homes (Richmond Hill) Inc. v. Rahnama, 2022 ONCA 759

    Richard Macklin and Wei Jiang successfully appealed a Superior Court Ruling in the case of Arista Homes (Richmond Hill) Inc. v. Rahnama, 2022 ONCA 759. This Court of Appeal Ruling dated November 7, 2022, addresses the law on damages for cases where a purchaser is at fault for a breach of a home purchase contract. As noted by the Court of Appeal (per Fairburn A.C.J.O., Doherty and Lauwers JJ.A.), the key figure for the damages calculation is the value of the home, according to what it is sold for on the date of resale to a subsequent purchaser (see paragraph 9 of the Ruling). Other Ontario damages law cases had suggested requiring different evidence (“expert” valuation), and a different date (the date the purchaser failed to close). In our case, the Appeal Court varied the Lower Court Ruling such that damages owed to our client will include a higher “loss of bargain” amount, plus the forfeited deposit, interest and other damages. The total award to our client will be roughly $500,000.

  • Raki Holdings Inc. v. Lionheart Enterprises Inc., 2019 ONCA 786

    Successfully acted on an appeal involving the interpretation of a contract for the sale of development lands in which the parties' competing positions resulted in a purchase price difference of over $4,000,000.